Did You Know: Security DVR Software vs. Hardware Compression

CCTV Application and security camera DVR were always divided between the embedded standalone DVR and PC based.Most PC Based DVR system is using software compression. In software compression the system / PC is handling the compression of the pictures captured by the capture card. This process require more powerful machine to handle the processes to compress the images captured. This is known as software compression (SWC). One of the problems with PC-based systems using (SWC)  is ‘CPU loading’. CPU loading is when the computer CPU is overload and overheat causing the computer operating system to halt or not respond. This kind of problem will not occur in hardware base compression were the capture card take all the load of processing the images, leaving the operating system in normal CPU function.

With hardware compression the images captured by the capture device are captured and compressed entirely by the hardware. This process is not dependent on the security DVR software. Hardware compression was mostly used by embedded DVRs. However, professional PC Based DVR are increasingly using Capture cards using hardware compression technology mostly H.264.


The future lies within Security Network IP camera

The future of Security Camera and Surveillance System lies in the Network IP technology. The video Camera being used over such networks opens up a whole range of Security video CCTV applications that can be used by the network users!
IP is a protocol (Internet Protocol) receives packets from the data link layer (Ethernet) and sends them to the correct address. If more than one possible route is available for the data to travel, the network layer figures out the best route to go by. The core of IP technology uses Internet addresses. The IP address is a series of numbers separated by full-stops (e.g. and identifies one network interface on a host. Every device on a network needs a unique IP address.


A digital video surveillance system is an appliance that acts as a network device and it has its unique IP address and can communicate like any other network device. This device has embedded image capture capabilities which allow video images or extracted information to be captured by the network security camera and be compressed, stored or transmitted over communication networks or digital data link. This security IP Camera can be used for any type of monitoring, either for business or personal use.
IP camera can compress data in different format, like MPEG, MPEG4, and H264. Additionally IP camera technology offers the ability to use intelligent image analysis functions and different types of networking protocol support. IP surveillance hardware and software partners offer complete solutions for a diversified range of products.
IP video surveillance solutions are primarily based on the high performance Digital Media processors which have on chip video ports for easy connection to video surveillance devices. The Security camera IP devices are capable of handling both video and audio encode/decode for IP based video surveillance applications. Cost competitive video compression/decompression algorithms are available through JPEG, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, and more. Audio compression/decompression algorithms are also available.

Network IP cameras are flexible, powerful, and they are the key to providing you with wide ranging surveillance solutions in system design, applications and solutions of CCTV or Security camera, Security DVR need. Network IP cameras are connected to the network like any other network device and with their built-in web server allows you to connect and watch live video stream directly from a computer with the use of a standard Web browser on a local area network or from any location in the world via the Internet.

IP camera

Wide rang network IP camera products:

You can find fixed network IP cameras for both indoor and outdoor applications, as well as pan/tilt/zoom Cameras and network dome cameras that enable remote control of pan, tilt and zoom functions over IP networks. DVRMaster also offers video servers that allow you to connect CCTV Camera, analog security camera to IP Network surveillance solutions which help analog CCTV systems take advantage of the benefits of a digital, networked world. Surveillance Video management software and accessories such as network IP camera housings and devices that bridge between analog and digital, are also available.

Power over Ethernet for IP cameras: With a network IP camera or video solution, you have the option of using the same cat5 Ethernet cable both for data/video communications as well as to power the IP Camera. This feature installation of IP camera products much easier and cheaper since you need to run only one wire per camera and you can connect all the security IP camera to redundant power source that make the camera able to operate even when there is a power failure.

Power Over ethernet