Setup my Router for Security DVR Remote Access

Remote Access Secuirty DVRIf you are trying to setup your DSL router/Firewall for remote access to your Security DVR system, you need to open the port on your Router. You need to login to your router by opening Microsoft internet explorer and pointing it to your router local IP address (check your router documentation) after logging in to your router look for PORT FORWARDING Or PINHOLE in your router setting. In there you need to specify the port your remote security DVR is listening at. The port will be specifying in your DVR docs. The IP address you need to specify the local IP address of your DVR system (NOT YOUR DSL IP). After saving and restarting your router go to and specify the port you setup in your router. The result should show that the port is open. Repeat until you get positive result

Infrared Security Camera

Infrared Secuirty CameraOne of the most growing trend among security cameras are the infrared security camera. This security camera has infrared LED installed around the outside of the lens of the camera. This lighting give the camera the ability to capture a clear image in no light at all 0 lux. This camera will produce an image even when its in total darkness. Most Infrared buys use infrared security cameras for businesses and home where the light conditions are poor. Most infrared cameras are water and weather proof makes them suitable to indoor or outdoor environment without a need for housing.
Infrared cameras are often called “Night Vision” cameras because their ability to see at night. However, do not confuse “Night Vision” with “Day / Night Cameras”. Day / Night cameras use different technology to produce image at low light and they do not have infrared lights built in.
Infrared security cameras will produce full color picture during day time, But When it gets dark, the camera will switch to infrared mode and illuminate it’s built-in infrared LEDs. In infrared mode the image is captured in black and white – this is true of all infrared cameras. The level of light required to capture a good picture is referred to as a camera’s lux, the lower the lux the better the camera can see in low light. .
Infrared cameras are also compared by how far they can see in total darkness. This is by the strength of the infrared light, and how far the light will reach and reflect back. Check our infrared cameras, some of our infrared camera can reach up to 300ft.