Security Camera Buying Tips

Security camera

-Plan exactly what you want to see in the monitor and on recordings –

- Avoid dummy cameras. While they may deter some problems, they also can create a legal liability by creating an expectation of safety when none exists.

- Put up signs. Highly visible signage that lets customers and employees know that they are being filmed can greatly increase the security camera effect.

- check the environment and lighting condition at day evening and night time, before you decide on the type of camera you are going to use.

-Adjust between the lens and the camera effective distance and focal. Security dome camera with 1/3�? lens shouldn’t be mounted on a ceiling higher then 12 feet.

Compress and Decompress

CCTV DVR standalone or PC Based delivering higher quality digital video with H.264
THE H.264 is the latest official video compression in the market, follows to replace the MPEG 2 and 4 Compression technology and deliver better images with same security camera quality and faster frame rate. They are also offers improvements in both video quality and compression. Where CCTV video systems will see the most benefit is in the ability to deliver the same high-quality, low-latency digital video with savings of up to 50 percent on bandwidth and storage requirements. To put it other words, it delivers significantly higher video quality for the same bandwidth.