Automatic gain control (AGC)

When security camera produce a quality picture , it needs a sufficient amount of light to produce a minimum stable picture, In case when the light condition is reduces to a certain level, there is insufficient light to the security camera to create a quality video picture. AGC (Automatic gain control) take action to increase the amount of amplification in these conditions to bring the video signal up to the minimum required level. Aside from increasing picture signal, AGC act as well to reduce noise and picture attenuation, and the signal to noise ratio reduced and provide quality picture, where a camera without AGC will not be able to produce a working signal.

The difference between Manual and Auto Iris Lens

Manual Iris Lenses are perfect for stable interior environment with constant good condition light, such as interior stores, malls, libraries, and offices. Manual Iris Lenses are best suite for these type of locations with stable light condition, The auto iris needs to setup ones on the initial setup of the security camera installation.
Auto Iris Lenses in the other side are adjusting automatically to different light conditions and can be place in location where the light condition is changes like out side environment /Day night or indoor where the light condition is not constant. Auto Iris Lenses are connected to the security camera with a special cable powered through cameras power supply. The iris for these security camera lenses automatically opens and closes according to the changes of the light conditions. If the light level is change to low light (like evening), the lens iris opens up to allow more light for optimum picture quality, and when the light level goes up, morning on day time, it closes the iris so that incoming light does not overwhelm the security camera

Auto Iris Lens Manual Iris

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