Bullet Security Camera features

Bullet Security CameraOne of the most common security cameras these days is the bullet camera. These are usually smaller security camera than average camera. Their shaped like a finger and are made for use in outdoor and indoor environment. These security cameras are easy to install on any surface and because of their small shape they can be easily mount on a ceiling or wall surface. Because of their smaller casing they are used as spy camera or hidden camera, like nanny cam. Their elegant shape made these security cameras popular in home and small office environment. Bullet camera comes in several model, from black @ white to color, some of these cameras have infrared capability. This security camera around your house can become the first line of defense in preventing and reporting intruders to your home or business. Some of these security camera models are full water proof, therefore can be placed underwater, these security camera can be excellent for swimming pool safety and security devices.

Many factories uses bullet security camera inside machinery to monitor their operation, thanks for their durability and small size. All these features made bullet security camera to be very popular for home security camera systems, and many other business and government facilities.

You can find pictures and specifications for these security cameras by searching DVRMaster.com website. No matter what you’re using these security camera systems for, you’ll find they give you high picture quality and control over the safety of your family and personal property.