Color or Black white Security Camera?

Our eyes can see and recall things better if they appear in color – it’s

easier to track down a blond-haired person wearing a green sweater

and black jeans than a dark, grey-black figure that would be produced

in a black and White camera

Color security cameras carry an additional premium in price compared

with black and white cameras. But they are also less sensitive to light

and makes it an impractical option unless good lighting is available.

Black and white B/W security cameras have better resolution and clear

pictures in low light conditions. All infrared security cameras turn to

black and white during low light conditions and résumé to color in good

light conditions. This can be particularly useful where planning

permission makes extra lighting impractical or the security requirement

is such that intruders should not be alerted to the existence of CCTV


Day and night cameras are a fairly new technology. These types of

cameras can operate in full color and have a sensor that switches to

black and white camera when the light condition is lower than 1.5 lux