PTZ Controller Keyboard For PTZ and Speed Dome Security Camera w/ built-in 3.5″ TFT LCD Monitor

The DM-PTC-TP-3000 is a pan/tilt controller that allows operators to perform the following functions: It controls camera function such as pan, tilt, zoom, and focus. Sets and calls camera preset position. Activates pre-programmed grouped presets, touring and grouped sequences. The built-in 3.5″ TFT LCD is used to display current status as well as to provide a menu system for setting operational parameters. The DM-PTC-TP-3000 is designed for desktop operations. The interface connectors are located in the Junctions Box on the outer of the unit.


  • Recalls up to 255 cameras from one keyboard
  • Multiple protocol supported in each channel (Pelco D, DRX-502)
  • Preset position control
  • Variable manual control speed from 1°/sec to 90°/sec
  • Maximum speeds are proportional to zoom ratio
  • Recalls programmed guard tours from each dome camera.
  • Recalls Auto-Swing from selected dome camera.
  • Built-in Graphic LCD monitor with blue backlit screen.
  • Programmable user preferences. (preset, tour, group, etc)
  • User password support
  • Support DVR protocol
  • Easy upload programmed data via serial communication port of computer.
  • Slave Keyboard support.