How to choose a hidden camera?

How to choose a hidden camera?
When choosing a hidden camera, you need to consider the location that it will be set up. The point of using the hidden camera is to be able to have a view and recording without the camera being noticed.
There are numerous Spy Cameras to choose from. Choose one that most fits your surroundings. In locations such as offices, restaurants, bars, markets and stores there are several hidden cameras that would integrate naturally into their surroundings. For example, almost all locations have smoke detectors, so Smoke Detector Hidden Cameras are used often. You can either replace your existing smoke detector or add an additional one. Smoke detectors are common, so are unnoticed. The DM-HI-SMK-620 is an actual functional smoke detector with a board camera built in. The camera is installed on a ceiling and is ideal in locations where there is a drop ceiling (with the removable tiles).
Its view is at a 45 degree angle which covers an entire room or hallway on its own. See viewing angle:

An additional hidden camera that is used often is the motion sensor camera. Most locations have alarm systems and there are motion sensors in pivotal locations. A Motion sensor hidden camera is easy to add to such an application as it will blend in with the others easily. It is usually installed in a corner of a wall so the height of the ceiling is irrelevant. It can be mounted at any height (ideal at 8 to 12 feet above the floor) and has the same viewing angle as the Smoke Detector camera at 45 degree. It is very easy to install.
See front and back:

In addition, the Fire Sprinkler Hidden Camera, the DM-HI-35HS is discreet and works as a camera that would be centered in a room with a birds eye view, perfect for monitoring cash registers.
There are also all-inclusive recording device hidden camera Dvr’S. These are Spy/Hidden cameras that are not connected to a Stand Alone DVR System or a PC Base Ssytem but have an SD Card inserted that records the data and a rechargeable battery to provide power. These cameras are used when running cable or hiding a DVR System is unrealistic. They are also an easy and inexpensive solution. These cameras would be stationed in a home or office in a specific room and point of interest.
See picture:

Examples of these all-in-one camera DVR’S=
DM-HI-TISSUE-TBX (Tissue Box All In One Hidden Camera):

The DM-HI-CLOCK-32-SL (Alarm Clock Radio All In One Hidden Camera):

The DM-HI-PIR-DVR (Motion Sensor All In One Hidden Camera):