Surveillance System For Hospitals

Hospitals throughout the US are known to be ahead in numerous medical fields, testing, discoveries and having the latest state of the art medical equipment. With all these improvements, the Surveillance systems seem to have been frozen in 1998. Many hospitals and healthcare facilities still have VHS systems that record directly to VHS tapes and often have cameras that view in black-and-white.
There are numerous reasons for utilizing a high end Security Camera Systems in hospitals. Security cameras in hospitals and medical facilities can prevent infant abductions, theft and dishonest claims. These systems monitor secure facilities, track who comes and goes to and from the hospital, view patients that need constant monitoring and track patient care. Surveillance systems have also been used as an observation and training tool. Hospital administrators understand that they have a need for security cameras as much for loss prevention as for security.
In an infant abduction attempt, security personnel view the attempted abduction in progress and can prevent it. Simultaneously, the cameras are recording the crime and providing undisputed evidence.
Theft has always been a serious problem for hospitals and medical facilities. Drug addicts often steal drugs from these facilities as they are easier to access. Security Cameras can not only deter such attempts but in addition, will have footage of the theft itself. Hospitals have also suffered from theft of medical equipment which is sold on the black market and is in high demand. In all these cases, security systems are proven to be essential.
Dishonest claims are a huge determent to hospitals and doctors. It seems doctors and hospitals are being sued left and right and only a handful of law suits are honest and have merit. The security cameras and their ability to provide concise proof have led to many cases being quickly solved without the hospitals needing to go to court. Most times the doctors and hospitals are absolved of liability due to the information provided by the system.
Many hospitals and medical centers have Labs and secure facilities that need to be constantly monitored. Cameras insure that only authorized personnel can enter and exit these facilities. In addition, there are critical care patients that need to be constantly monitored and the cameras are a cost effective tool.
If there was ever an application that cameras were essential, it is in hospitals. Hospital administrators are beginning to realize the necessity of such advanced solutions and beginning to upgrade their old systems.

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