180 degree camera without blind spot, 2x 3.6 mm Fixed lens, 420 TVL, Day & Night, 3-AXIS Bracket

The DM-DO 380ET 180 Degrees security camera is equipped with
two 3.6mm fixed lens, covering 180 degrees each, giving limitless
observation of 360 Degrees, “Cutofless” panoramic viewing angle.
The 1/3�? Sony Super HAD CCD with ultra high resolution of 420TV
Lines gives crystal clear image quality.

More Fearutes:

  • Angle Free 180˚ Camera
  • Video Out (Video1, Video2)
  • Limitless Observation Angle 180˚+ 180˚ (360˚)
  • Viewing Angle Without Blind Spot
  • Cutofless Panoramic Viewing Angle
  • Best Observer in Anyplace
  • Extremely Low Power Consumption
  • 1/3 Sony Super HAD CCD
  • Day / Night Capability
  • Ultra High Resolution of 420TV Lines
  • 3-AXIS Bracket (included)
  • * Need TWO available Video Inputs

1.3M Pixel IP Camera, 700 TVL, Dual Codec, Two way audio, Low bandwidth usage, Day and Night

GeoVision, the name brand in CCTV security, introduce the DM-IP-13GV IP CCTV Camera with 1.3 Mega pixels, providing detail not seen on conventional surveillance cameras

the DM-IP-13GV allows users to monitor critical areas with greater detail than ever. Moreover, with simultaneous/dual video stream and support for compliant Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), it allows users to view both MJPEG images and MPEG-4 videos with improved efficiency while conserving valuable bandwidth.

Progressive scan CCD captures the entire scene of a moving object at the same time. Even and odd fields are scanned simultaneously.

Heater Blower Outdoor w/ Housing, 1/4″ SONY Super HAD Exview CCD 470 TVL, 0LUX 84 Infrared LED’s up to 180ft

The DM-IR 25HOHB is a one of a kind solution designed to solve the problem of mounting an IR camera inside a housing. The DM-IR 25HOHB has a heater and blower to out stand severe weather, the IR LED’s are mounted at the front of the housing for clear illumination of up to 180 feet, and the camera offer crystal clear resolution of 470 TV lines, a 6.0-15.0 mm Vari-Focal Auto Iris Lens. This camera work on 24V AC.

Great for Winter and Summer weather conditions

Close Range License plate Capture camera, 8mm fixed lens, up to 5 MPH and 16.5 ft, 12 IR LED’s, bracket included

The DM-IR 85LPH is a close-range license plate capture security IR camera that provides high quality plate images in day or dark conditions. Powerfully effective and user friendly, the DM-IR 85LPH is ideal for meeting the surveillance needs of gated communities, gas stations, bars, drive-through locations, casinos and toll gates.

This IR security camera is working on 12V DC and the bracket (which features a hidden cable mount) is included.

It’s powerful features include the ability to capture the license plate of a car moving up to 5 MPH, and it’s 8.0 mm fixed lens allow the capture of plates with a distance of 16.5 ft.

Indoor/Outdoor Housing w/ Heater and Blower, Invisible Cable

The HO-619HB is a security camera housing made of durable, lightweight Polycarbonate. Its installer friendly design includes a patented quick mount bracket to effortlessly adjust a camera. It also offers a flip-up cover that opens 180 degrees for easy installation and accessibility. This housing accommodates small to large CCD zoom lens cameras. Its sleek modern design complements any surrounding. The blower for this model snaps right into place and includes an external filter panel to quickly replace. It comes equipped with Heater and Blower to protect the security camera from extreme weather.

132 High Illuminator LEDs, Auto Switch mode, 200 ft range

The Auto switch mode turn on the LED’s as soon as it turns dark. It is made of sturdy aluminum and come with a metal bracket, ideal for outdoor installations. It is powered by 12V 1200mA.

The DM-IL-50IH is the perfect solution for your IR illumination needs. This security IR Illuminator has a powerful 132 LED’s capable of illuminating up to 200 feet.

Also other features are:

  • 132 High Illumination LED’s
  • Auto Switch mode
  • Max Range: 200 ft.
  • Power Supply 12V, 1200mA
  • Weather Proof
  • Sun Shield
  • Aluminum Cylinder housing with metal bracket

PTZ Controller Keyboard For PTZ and Speed Dome Security Camera w/ built-in 3.5″ TFT LCD Monitor

The DM-PTC-TP-3000 is a pan/tilt controller that allows operators to perform the following functions: It controls camera function such as pan, tilt, zoom, and focus. Sets and calls camera preset position. Activates pre-programmed grouped presets, touring and grouped sequences. The built-in 3.5″ TFT LCD is used to display current status as well as to provide a menu system for setting operational parameters. The DM-PTC-TP-3000 is designed for desktop operations. The interface connectors are located in the Junctions Box on the outer of the unit.


  • Recalls up to 255 cameras from one keyboard
  • Multiple protocol supported in each channel (Pelco D, DRX-502)
  • Preset position control
  • Variable manual control speed from 1°/sec to 90°/sec
  • Maximum speeds are proportional to zoom ratio
  • Recalls programmed guard tours from each dome camera.
  • Recalls Auto-Swing from selected dome camera.
  • Built-in Graphic LCD monitor with blue backlit screen.
  • Programmable user preferences. (preset, tour, group, etc)
  • User password support
  • Support DVR protocol
  • Easy upload programmed data via serial communication port of computer.
  • Slave Keyboard support.

Security Camera for my business

Security Cameras today are becoming more and more of a standard for urban businesses, restaurants, fast food, gas station, pizzerias, ice cream, coffee shops, and other retail location. Any business large or small can benefit from the increased surveillance Security System in your business you have so much to gain from security to loss prevention, employee activity and more. The cost savings from inventory loss reduction and increased employee productivity make these camera systems literally pay for themselves in number of months. Having a surveillance security Camera System will help prevent vandalism, cut down on loitering near your establishment, and improve the controlling your business. A franchise owner, with the right security equipment, can save tons of money and keep his business secure.

With full remote camera viewing and playback, a CCTV Security Camera System can help a store owner ensure even if he is not there that his business operate as his will and the employees function by his orders when he is not there to monitor them. From anywhere in the world, a store owner can make sure that his or her business is running and he can monitor his business and playback any event that accurse in his business. With a CCTV system for your business you as a store owner can do this and much more.

Surveillance system

Security camera selection Guide

How to choose a camera for security purpose?
There are many types of security camera in the market. Which one is suitable for you? These types of security cameras may come in different shapes and technologies from Bullet camera to dome camera, infrared, day night…with or without audio capability. Make sure you choose the right security camera to suit your needs. This wizard will help you select the right security camera types that will suite your needs.

Security camera selection guide

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What is Security IP camera


An IP security camera is a security camera that is connected directly to an IP network. the IP security camera have a built in web server that allow the user to remotely open a web browser and point it to the ip fo the security camera. Most IP based surveillance camera have a web server with active X pages, which allow the user to watch live video from his internet explorer browser. basically an IP security camera can be described as a camera and computer combined in one intelligent unit. It captures and sends live images directly over an IP network providing live digital video for all kinds of surveillance and monitoring applications. remotely you can , store, and manage video over standard IP-based network for CCTV infrastructure. It operates independently and can be placed wherever there is an IP network connection wireless or wired network.