My ports are blocked and I have Static IP, still can’t see remotely…. What can I do?

My ports are blocked and I have Static IP, still can’t see remotely…. What can I do?
When you have an Static IP Address that was assigned by your ISP please follow the next steps to fix your problem.

1. Find out what are your Static IP Address Settings.

IP Address:

Subnet mask:

Default Gateway:

DNS 1 :

DNS2 :

2. Now go to the DVR NETWORK SETTINGS and put an Static IP Address in the settings.
To get to the DVR Network Settings please refer to your Users Manual.

3. Once you have put the IP address in to the DVR you may now try the DVR Software Client to connect to it remotely or if the DVR supports Web server you just need to type the IP address in the address bar of an Internet Explorer.

4. If the problem continues please Contact your ISP regarding the Opening of the necessary port that the DVR requires to do a remote view. See DVR manual to see what ports you will need to open.

5. It’s Recommended that you Enable the DMZ service or Server (depending or router ) in your router.

6. You are Done =)

Crimp-on Male BNC Connector, Compression Waterproof

The DM-CN-016 is a male BNC crimp-on connector, designed to be compressed on the cable, thus providing much tighter, waterproof crimp. It is intended for use on RG59 coax cables. Crimping can be done using our Compression Crimp tool DM-CBT-RG5960.
This professional Crimping tool provides good and consistent crimp every time. It’s insulated, cushioned, comfort grip handles, provide comfort and maximum crimping force. It is light enough to fit conveniently in an installer’s belt. For Crimping RG59, RG6 and Waterproof Compression Connectors.

Geovision MPEG-4 / H.264 PC Capture Card, 480 FPS Display, 120FPS Recording, 8CH Video, 8CH audio, TV Output, Windows XP / Vista compatible

When it comes to security DVR capture cards, Geovision is the name everybody is looking for. The DM-CC-GV1120/8 is a Pro-Grade Security DVR board offering quality for low budget. It supports up to 8 video channels with a crystal clear high-res picture quality, 480 FPS playback and a maximum 120 frames per second recording plus 8 channels of audio. The high compression MPEG4 and H.264 CODEC provides more recording time with same size hard disk drive. The built-in video motion detector logic helps the DVR system from storing unnecessary video.

  • 8 channel video input
  • 8 channel audio input
  • 480 fps display frame rate
  • 120 fps record frame rate
  • Full D1, Half D1, CIF Resolution
  • Compression: MPEG4, H.264
  • TV Output (RCA x1)
  • Microsoft Windows XP /Vista Compatible

*Note: DM-CC-GV1120/8 is currently not compatible with VIA series and ATI series chipset motherboards !

There is also a 4 Channel Geovision Card using the Same technology

Professional 8.7″ Hex Series Crimping Tool for security camera Connector

This 8.7″ Hex series professional Crimping tool provides good and consistent crimp every time. It’s insulated, cushioned, comfort grip handles, provide comfort and maximum crimping force. It is light enough to fit conveniently in an installer’s belt. For Crimping F, N, BNC, TNC, UHF, ST, SC, SMA Etc. Connectors, Cord end terminals, insulated and non-insulated terminals.

  • 8.7″ overall length
  • Professional Ratchet type
  • For Crimping Connectors: F, N, BNC, TNC, UHF, ST, SC, SMA
  • For insulated & non-Insulated terminals
  • Cushioned, comfort grip handles
  • Lightweight

Indoor/Outdoor Housing w/ Heater and Blower, Invisible Cable

The HO-619HB is a security camera housing made of durable, lightweight Polycarbonate. Its installer friendly design includes a patented quick mount bracket to effortlessly adjust a camera. It also offers a flip-up cover that opens 180 degrees for easy installation and accessibility. This housing accommodates small to large CCD zoom lens cameras. Its sleek modern design complements any surrounding. The blower for this model snaps right into place and includes an external filter panel to quickly replace. It comes equipped with Heater and Blower to protect the security camera from extreme weather.

Geovision Hardware Compression MPEG-4 / H.264 PC Capture Card, 120FPS Display & Recording

Based on the MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 hardware compression technologies, the new generation DM-CC-GV2004 card is designed to meet high profile security demands. The DM-CC-GV2004 utilize MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 hardware compressions to free more CPU load from the intensive compression tasks. Compared with the flagship GV-Combo Card where videos are compressed with software compressions such as Geo MPEG-4, Geo MPEG-4 ASP, Geo H264 and Geo H264 V2, the DM-CC-GV2004 provide an alternative for software compression. The DM-CC-GV2004 support multiple video and audio input ports, TV output, real-time display, and D1 quality video resolution.

PTZ Controller Keyboard For PTZ and Speed Dome Security Camera w/ built-in 3.5″ TFT LCD Monitor

The DM-PTC-TP-3000 is a pan/tilt controller that allows operators to perform the following functions: It controls camera function such as pan, tilt, zoom, and focus. Sets and calls camera preset position. Activates pre-programmed grouped presets, touring and grouped sequences. The built-in 3.5″ TFT LCD is used to display current status as well as to provide a menu system for setting operational parameters. The DM-PTC-TP-3000 is designed for desktop operations. The interface connectors are located in the Junctions Box on the outer of the unit.


  • Recalls up to 255 cameras from one keyboard
  • Multiple protocol supported in each channel (Pelco D, DRX-502)
  • Preset position control
  • Variable manual control speed from 1°/sec to 90°/sec
  • Maximum speeds are proportional to zoom ratio
  • Recalls programmed guard tours from each dome camera.
  • Recalls Auto-Swing from selected dome camera.
  • Built-in Graphic LCD monitor with blue backlit screen.
  • Programmable user preferences. (preset, tour, group, etc)
  • User password support
  • Support DVR protocol
  • Easy upload programmed data via serial communication port of computer.
  • Slave Keyboard support.

Security Camera for business

Security Cameras are becoming more and more an essential need for every business, from fast food restaurant to retail stores, banks, warehouses, hospitals and more. Any business regardless of its size can benefit from the increased and monitored security. These security surveillance systems bring the business control, loss prevention, management and more.
When you install new CCTV Camera Security System in your business you will benefit from high monitoring business and assent, monitor employee activity, reduce liability, increase employees performance, loss prevention, etc. The money savings from inventory loss, increased employee productivity, monitoring business activities, etc… make these camera systems pay for themselves.

One of the basic functions of surveillance and security camera system is full remote camera viewing and playback, a CCTV Security Camera System can help a business owner ensure that his business was opened on time, monitor inventory activities, and that his employees are being productive. From any where the owner/ manager can securely login, watch live feed from the business, or playback any event or time he wish to view.

Click here to request more information on a CCTV Security Camera Systems for your business

Hidden cameras help parents keep eye on nannies

Web posted at: 10:37 p.m. EDT (0237 GMT) From Correspondent Pat Etheridge

(CNN) — Tami and Jeffrey Katz hired a nanny to care for their son Scott. But they also installed a video camera concealed in a VCR to watch over the nanny secretly.

What they saw less than an hour into the first taping resulted in a change.

“She slapped him, she was very rough with him,” Tami Katz said. “She was dropping some toys on his head and watching them fall off. She shook him up and down very vigorously. I was hysterical. I mean, there is no way to explain how I was. I just wanted it to stop.”

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The difference between Manual and Auto Iris Lens

Manual Iris Lenses are perfect for stable interior environment with constant good condition light, such as interior stores, malls, libraries, and offices. Manual Iris Lenses are best suite for these type of locations with stable light condition, The auto iris needs to setup ones on the initial setup of the security camera installation.
Auto Iris Lenses in the other side are adjusting automatically to different light conditions and can be place in location where the light condition is changes like out side environment /Day night or indoor where the light condition is not constant. Auto Iris Lenses are connected to the security camera with a special cable powered through cameras power supply. The iris for these security camera lenses automatically opens and closes according to the changes of the light conditions. If the light level is change to low light (like evening), the lens iris opens up to allow more light for optimum picture quality, and when the light level goes up, morning on day time, it closes the iris so that incoming light does not overwhelm the security camera

Auto Iris Lens Manual Iris

security camera lens Manual security camera lens