Zoom Lenses for security Cameras

As digital security cameras continue to advance even more every day in picture quality and DVR compression, digital and optical zoom lens. When we looking on security camera lens you will notice that the specifications for digital cameras lens or their descriptions measure the lens as a number of times. For example a lens may be described as 10x or 22x. This spec referred to the zoom ratio.

The Basics rules of Calculating the Number of Times or Zoom Ratio.

Security cameras have feature that called a focal length. This spec applies to any security camera regardless of the type of lens. The focal length is measure the distance from the optical center of the lens to the camera’s focal point.

Security camera focal lenght

For security camera without a zoom lens the focal length is called fixed lens as the lens never changes position. Therefore the distance or focal length between the lens and sensor stayed the same. Security camera which have the ability to zoom in and out are called Vari-Focal security camera.

When using security camera zoom lens the position of the lens changes as you zoom in or out. As you zoom in the focal length increases. As you zoom out the focal length decreases. The focal length of security camera is always measured in millimeters. The 5 mm represents the minimum focal length when the zoom is not being used. The max 50mm is the focal length when the zoom is fully extended.

Digital Zoom
It is common to see two zoom ratios in a security camera spec. One is for optical zoom already discussed above and the second is for digital zoom. Digital zoom is completely different to optical zoom. Rather than using the lens to zoom in or out, security camera digital zoom is carried out by software inside the camera or the DVR system. Basically the software increase the size of the image to give the impression of zooming in. stretching the picture size will usually create decrease in picture quality. Therefore optical zoom is considered far superior to digital zoom.

On a security camera offering both optical and digital zoom you can use both simultaneously. For example a camera with 10x optical zoom and a 4x digital zoom can give a combined total of 40x zoom.

Zoom Security camera

Zoom Security camera.
Security cameras are divided to number of groups. Box Security camera, Dome Security camera, Bullet camera, Infrared camera, PTZ camera, Etc. PTZ camera are security camera that give you the option to remotely control Pan-Tilt- Zoom of the camera. Zoom security camera in the other hand has the functionality only to zoom in or out remotely, controlled by a DVR or keyboard control device. Zoom camera is vary function and let you zoom in and out in with high picture quality and control. Zoom security camera is using the same technology of PTZ camera which requires the use of PTZ controller. For more information on how to install PTZ camera please refer to the article

The difference between Manual and Auto Iris Lens

Manual Iris Lenses are perfect for stable interior environment with constant good condition light, such as interior stores, malls, libraries, and offices. Manual Iris Lenses are best suite for these type of locations with stable light condition, The auto iris needs to setup ones on the initial setup of the security camera installation.
Auto Iris Lenses in the other side are adjusting automatically to different light conditions and can be place in location where the light condition is changes like out side environment /Day night or indoor where the light condition is not constant. Auto Iris Lenses are connected to the security camera with a special cable powered through cameras power supply. The iris for these security camera lenses automatically opens and closes according to the changes of the light conditions. If the light level is change to low light (like evening), the lens iris opens up to allow more light for optimum picture quality, and when the light level goes up, morning on day time, it closes the iris so that incoming light does not overwhelm the security camera

Auto Iris Lens Manual Iris

security camera lens Manual security camera lens