IP Cameras can do what was once “only in the movies”

TV and movies have warped the public perception regarding surveillance systems and their abilities. Years ago I watched an episode of CSI, in which a simple camera had the ability to enhance a license plate video from 200 feet away without pixilation. It made me wonder if this is how the public perceives the ability and features of analog cameras? It was confirmed when customers continued expecting an analog (and more affordable) system to deliver the results of what they have seen on television. Analog systems do have all the basic features you would expect from a security system (recording, playback and remote viewing). Much of what has been shown by such shows in the past was at the time, fiction. Today, most of the features are in fact possible and available for public purchase for quite some time.
IP (Digital Network) systems and cameras have the features that were once “only in the movies”. The digital recording can in fact enhance a recording of a license plate from 200 feet away without pixilation. IP cameras can be installed without running cable and provide extreme high resolution.
Analog Security systems and cameras, while sufficient for small business and residential applications, have reached the end of their evolution and cannot compete with high resolution Digital IP Surveillance Cameras that are needed for bigger applications with the need for more advanced features.
Certain features, such as recording rapidly moving objects, such as a speeding car has been a challenge for analog systems. A rapidly moving object recorded by a traditional CCTV system will appear blurry. This occurs because an analog video signal, interlaces to create the images. This is a technique developed for analog TV monitor displays (made up of visible horizontal lines across a standard TV screen). In such a case, only an IP System will be able to record the speeding car with no distortion.
The name for CCTV systems – DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is somewhat confusing but not intentionally misleading. Analog CCTV DVR’s do record digitally and are better than VHS based systems, but true digital picture and performance can only be accomplished by using IP systems and cameras.
As analog systems are still popular and more affordable, depending on your application – IP Cameras may be what you need to get exceptional detail and clarity and many more features that traditional analog systems cannot provide.
Next time you watch an episode of law and order and exceptional security footage is used to identify a suspect – you can expect the system is an IP Digital system and not merely fiction used for the story.

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