PC Based DVR’s vs Stand Alone DVR’S

When trying to figure out which DVR (Digital Video Recorder) to choose, it’s not a matter of which security system is better – It’s a matter is which is right for your personal and specific application.
So, the question of which is better – PC-based DVR or standalone DVR?, the answer boils down to your application and the user. What are using the Security System for? It is true that on the surface and at first glance, both the PC Base DVR and the Stand Alone DVR appear to do the same things – capture and store video. The truth of the matter is that it all boils down to one thing – application.
When Digital Video Recording first began, PC-Base Security systems were the only choice. Digital Capture cards would be inserted and installed into a PC and it would then be used as a Security System.
When the concept and inception of Stand Alone DVR began, an additional option was available for consideration. Stand Alone DVR System are Linux embedded systems that are smaller in size and simpler to build with less components than a PC tower. This fact can be a seen as both positive and negative.
The positive aspect of having different components in a security system is their flexibility. PC-Base Systems are upgradeable and expandable, so it’s easy to add or change hard drives, DVD burners, CD burners, etc. Because of this flexibility, applications with complex security needs may find the PC-based DVR to be the better option.
An additional benefit of the PC-based DVR is the compatibility IP Network Cameras. Users can easily install the IP Network Camera software in their PC Abased DVR System. While more and more standalone DVRs are adapting to a hybrid approach of combining analog cameras with IP cameras, those systems are still in the production phase. IP cameras also need for more storage due to the enormous amount of pixels comprising the crisper images and again, easily resolved by upgrading or adding more hard drives to the PC Base System.
The negative aspect of PC-Base Systems having more components, is that these components can become defective and add cost to replace, not to mention the issues that PC Base systems have by being susceptible to viruses, hacking, worms and problems with operating systems that occur frequently.
Users comfortable and used to PC computers often prefer PC Based Systems and like its upgradability and flexibility.

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