Securing your security camera

We all know the benefit of having security camera at home and office, and we go and spend money to put security camera in our home and business, but some times these expensive security cameras are the target of thieves. In many cases they will come to your house and business and steel noting else but the security camera itself. So when we place these expensive security camera we need to make sure we have secure them and place them in a location that will be hard to reach. To secure a security camera we need to consider the following.

A place the camera in a place that is hard to reach. If you place it on the roof place the camera on 2/3 height of the building s its hard to reach from the bottom or from the roof. B. use strong mount that will be hard to take off and the camera will get damage by snapping it from the mount, Keep in mind they need the camera in good condition to sell them. You can use escrows that need a special tool to be open.

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