Road & Highway Surveillance Car License Plate Reading Box Camera, 1/3 Sony Super HAD Color CCD, 540 TVL, 0.15Lux, Dual Voltage, Up to 90MPH

The DM-CO 2002LPH is an intelligent vehicle license plate
reading box camera featuring a built-in CAR-DC Iris Control
technology which allows the camera to achieve reliable car
license plate recognition for roads surveillance of a car speed
up to 90mph. With Sony HQ1 producing excellent images of
540 lines of resolution, it also has a low lux rating and Digital
Noise Reduction function built-in. This security camera auto
detect the voltage (12V DC/24V AC).

More Features

  • 1/3″ Sony Super HAD CCD
  • 540 TVL, 0.15 Lux
  • DSP: Sony HQ1
  • Automatic Day & Night Function
  • Dual Voltage 12VDC/24VAC
  • Built-in Intelligent Shutter (CAR-DC Iris Control) Capturing License Plate for Vehicle Speed up to 90mph
  • C or CS mount for lens

Remote view login failed on my PC Based DVR system. How to fix it?

If you have a DVR system that’s PC Based, and you already setup your system ready for remote viewing using our PDF MANUAL and when you try to connect, you get an error saying ” Log in Failed ” and if you check on the Log you see that you actually log in and then the system log you out.

The Problem is the ROUTER. The router limits the Bandwidth. So the solution is to Enable the DMZ service on the Router to the IP address of the DVR System.

On some Routers may say DMZ SERVICE or DMZ SERVER or just DMZ.

This error is most common on the following DVR Capture Cards.


Geovision MPEG-4 / H.264 PC Capture Card, 480 FPS Display, 120FPS Recording, 8CH Video, 8CH audio, TV Output, Windows XP / Vista compatible

When it comes to security DVR capture cards, Geovision is the name everybody is looking for. The DM-CC-GV1120/8 is a Pro-Grade Security DVR board offering quality for low budget. It supports up to 8 video channels with a crystal clear high-res picture quality, 480 FPS playback and a maximum 120 frames per second recording plus 8 channels of audio. The high compression MPEG4 and H.264 CODEC provides more recording time with same size hard disk drive. The built-in video motion detector logic helps the DVR system from storing unnecessary video.

  • 8 channel video input
  • 8 channel audio input
  • 480 fps display frame rate
  • 120 fps record frame rate
  • Full D1, Half D1, CIF Resolution
  • Compression: MPEG4, H.264
  • TV Output (RCA x1)
  • Microsoft Windows XP /Vista Compatible

*Note: DM-CC-GV1120/8 is currently not compatible with VIA series and ATI series chipset motherboards !

There is also a 4 Channel Geovision Card using the Same technology

Triplex 16Ch Security DVR System, H.264 Hardware Compression, 480 FPS Display, 240FPS Recording, 16CH Video, 1CH Audio

The DM-DV-APO264/16 features the industry’s first full-scale Real-Time 16Ch H.264 hardware compression standalone DVR. According to extensive laboratory and field testing, recorded data based on H.264 is 4.5 times smaller than typical MPEG-4, or 3 times smaller than conventional MPEG-4 codec. The hardware codec of DM-DV-APO264/16 truly is superior in all aspects of performance, delivering your experience through remote PC access or DSP-based H.264 services or smart phone are phenomenal.

It also Comes In 4 Channels & 8 Channels

  • 16 Channel Video Inputs / 1 Channel Audio Input
  • H.264 hardware-based codec for superior video compression
  • Real-Time 16 Channel display at 480 FPS / IPS Total
  • Customizable Channel Rotation Delay
  • Supports Hi-resolution VGA monitors and 16 channel loop back composite monitors
  • Intelligent Video Motion Detection (VMD)
  • Audio, Alarm I/O & RS-232, RS-485 PTZ Camera Interface
  • Local backup via USB-based storage media or CD/DVD writer
  • SATA interface for high-speed reliable recording on HDD
  • Wide system integration (SI) capabilities
  • User-friendly OSD operation with 15 languages support
  • Web-based H.264 surveillance client software or Web Services
  • Feature-rich remote management & surveillance software

Integrated Remote System

  • Web-based surveillance anywhere
  • Microsoft Windows XP (and Higher )
  • Remote management
  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote playback
  • Remote search
  • Remote backup

Cable Selection for CCTV

Coaxial Cable Selection for CCTV

RG-59/U is a designator for 75-ohm impedance coaxial cable which is mostly use in surveillance system ir CCTV installations there are several varieties of CCTV cables,
each having some different characteristics, such as RG-6/U (18 AWG) and RG-11/U (16 AWG). These have larger gauge center conductors and are for use where longer cable runs are needed to install security camera at a long distance.
Two important known characteristics of coaxial cable are the gauge, or diameter, of the center conductor, and the type of shield surrounding the center conductor. A larger diameter center conductor will have less signal loss for a given distance.
Typical gauges available for CCTV and surveillance system install are RG-59 cables in 20 AWG
(American Wire Gauge), 22 AWG, and 23

rg591.jpg RG6 rg61.jpg

The second vary important characteristic is the shielding. Cable for CCTV and security camera use should have a 95% coverage copper braided shield. The shield must be effective by conducting any externally induced voltages to ground. A good shield and a good electrical connection to the connector are of prime concern to produce high quality security system picture, especially at long distance camera install.
Cable Types available to you:
CATV cable typically has a copper-coated, solid steel center conductor and the shield is typically aluminum foil with a 40% aluminum braid. It does not make good connections with BNC-style connectors, and for that reason not recommended for CCTV and security camera install in particular, the twist-on style. The jacket of the cable is usually marked CATV indicating that this cable is designed for Community Antenna Television systems. Another marking you can see on cables are , MATV Master Antenna Television is also sometimes seen. Either marking indicates a cable construction designed for significantly higher frequency ranges than found in CCTV or any security DVR or security Camera application. CATV or MATV cable should never be used for CCTV systems.

The Cables that are mostly design for CCTV systems should have a good 95% coverage, braided-copper shield and a center conductor of 20 or 22 AWG copper fro Example the RG59 and Siamese, which include power and RG59 in one. The use of copper conductors is important in the frequency ranges used for base-band CCTV signals.
This type of RG59 cables is available in both stranded and solid center conductors. Stranded conductor would perform better where flexibility is a requirement, such as a camera mounted on a pan & tilt scanner assembly or in making connections to a chassis that is mounted on slides within a rack.
Twisted-pair cable, is another option for sending an Video signal to long distances CAT 5 cable is most commonly use for digital network communication, but when use with a proper Baluns, you can use this cable for security camera and CCTV application. The CAT 5 is more economical. But its impedance and signal characteristics differ from those of coax. You can’t just attach it directly to video inputs and outputs.

It is vary important to know cable picture quality performance on long run so we can are installation and avoid un necessary cost

Cable Distance Limitations

Security Camera for business

Security Cameras are becoming more and more an essential need for every business, from fast food restaurant to retail stores, banks, warehouses, hospitals and more. Any business regardless of its size can benefit from the increased and monitored security. These security surveillance systems bring the business control, loss prevention, management and more.
When you install new CCTV Camera Security System in your business you will benefit from high monitoring business and assent, monitor employee activity, reduce liability, increase employees performance, loss prevention, etc. The money savings from inventory loss, increased employee productivity, monitoring business activities, etc… make these camera systems pay for themselves.

One of the basic functions of surveillance and security camera system is full remote camera viewing and playback, a CCTV Security Camera System can help a business owner ensure that his business was opened on time, monitor inventory activities, and that his employees are being productive. From any where the owner/ manager can securely login, watch live feed from the business, or playback any event or time he wish to view.

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