Home security camera

Home security camera can be an add-on to your alarm system. You have several options for surveillance solutions equipment – from one camera security DVR and monitors to the more advanced surveillance system including multi camera system with PTZ cameras and more.
Owning a home security camera can often help deter potential criminals. Home security camera can in different option form motion recording, event recording, continuous recording and more. You can enjoy remote access to your cameras from anywhere in the world. You can choose to put the home security camera in plain sight, or hidden area like smoke alarm security cameras, so the thief can’t disable the equipment. Sometime you put them in plain sight for everyone to see, and beware.
In casea crime was committed Home security cameras can also help catch a thief after the crime. With it sophisticated recording equipment, a home security camera can record long periods weeks or months. Security DVR can allow you to quickly search for the event you’re looking for. You can then pass the media onto the police for further actions.
The most common benefit the home security camera offers is increased peace of mind. And extra level of protection lets you plan vacations and business trips where everything is recorded, and searchable
Home security cameras can range widely in price from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands depending on the technology and features. Call DVRMastrer.com if you would like to get more information.

Bullet Security Camera features

Bullet Security CameraOne of the most common security cameras these days is the bullet camera. These are usually smaller security camera than average camera. Their shaped like a finger and are made for use in outdoor and indoor environment. These security cameras are easy to install on any surface and because of their small shape they can be easily mount on a ceiling or wall surface. Because of their smaller casing they are used as spy camera or hidden camera, like nanny cam. Their elegant shape made these security cameras popular in home and small office environment. Bullet camera comes in several model, from black @ white to color, some of these cameras have infrared capability. This security camera around your house can become the first line of defense in preventing and reporting intruders to your home or business. Some of these security camera models are full water proof, therefore can be placed underwater, these security camera can be excellent for swimming pool safety and security devices.

Many factories uses bullet security camera inside machinery to monitor their operation, thanks for their durability and small size. All these features made bullet security camera to be very popular for home security camera systems, and many other business and government facilities.

You can find pictures and specifications for these security cameras by searching DVRMaster.com website. No matter what you’re using these security camera systems for, you’ll find they give you high picture quality and control over the safety of your family and personal property.

Home Security Camera

CCTV Camera and security DVR system technology is advancing at a blistering speed. So fast that by the time you purchase your new CCTV DVR, it’s probably already obsolete or out of date. A simple observation of home security and security camera will tell you security cameras are everywhere these days. Security camera and Security dvr solutions are one of the best options available to monitor your home or business operations and ensure safety. Security cameras provide you the ability to record and remotely monitor all the activity at your home and nearly everything they do. With the improvement of video technology and low cost of CCTV equipment, security camera are located in any time of business and place, from small store to corporate company and, if you look around, you will find them in every conceivable place.
Home Security camera Types
A security camera for homes comes in many different styles including dome camera, bullet and infrared camera. c-mount camera is more widely used in businesses and not home because of their size and esthetics . Each security camera serves a different purpose. finding the one best suited to your needs, you should consider several factors, such as whether you will use the security camera indoor or outdoor, during the day, night time, or both.
Bullet security cameras are the most popular home security camera nowadays. They can be used either indoor or outdoor. Bullet security cameras are available in B/W or color and they come with the mounting hardware.
Bullet security cameras body casings are weather-resistant and water proof, and do not require any Camera Housing.
Bullet camera comes with fix lens or Vari Focal lens that allows you to see facial features out to about 1 – 80 feet and offers a 70-90 degree angle of view. This is the widest angle one can have without distorting the picture.

Bullet security camera Resolution levels for B/W security cameras extend to about 420 lines, any higher and the benefits are minimal,in Bullet color cameras, higher resolution implies better picture.

Infrared security cameras are also very popular because they produce an image in little or no lighting conditions. Infared security cameras looks like the bullet style and can be used indoor or outdoor. These cameras have infrared leds installed around the outer edge of the lens, which allow these security camera to produce picture in no light for up to 300 feet and even further depend on the camera type, amount of led and strength of the infrared light. Each infrared camera will specify the effective distance of the infrared light.
A relatively new type of security camera is the day/night security camera. This particular type of camera has an extra sensitive imaging chip that allows it to capture a good picture in low light situations without using infrared LEDS. This is especially handy in outdoor applications since infrared security cameras do not work well outdoors. Unless the infrared security camera is installed all the way up to the glass of the housing, the infrared lights can reflect off the glass and subsequently degrade the image.
When you’re shopping for a security camera, you’ll find that there are lots of options available. You can call Security engineer at DVRMaster.com to get more information on your option and support.

Most crimes are not impulsive, criminals usually check an area before they strike. If they see a security camera outside your house or business, it can deter them from robbing your place.