Infrared Security Camera what do I need to know

Infrared cameras are getting more and more market share and become a common choice when selecting a security camera for a surveillance system. Let first understand whet are we dealing with from technology and functionality perspective. The need from infrared security camera arise when you need a camera for vary light, low light or low light environment. With a basic understanding of IR Camera technology that question becomes clearer.

The basic way to understand infrared camera is to describe their functionality as a camera with a flash light. The only different is that the light that produces by the flash light is not visible to the human eye. The stronger this flash light is the larger area its going to light up. For that reason all infrared camera comes with effective distance, which mean how strong is the infrared flash light is and how far area its going to reach. The infrared light in infrared security camera is not active all the time. During the day these camera produces crisp clear color picture, but when the light level drop below 1-2 Lux set level the camera IR light source kicks on and lights the space. The infrared light is produces by small led installed around the lens the more leds the stronger the light is and the larger the space can be lit up. A quality IR camera will list its effective range and angle of its IR beam.

IR cameras come in a variety of sizes and types. The sizes can range from small bullet cameras to larger more commercial look cameras.

IR Camera

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IR Cameras are a best fit for areas with virtually no light that only need coverage in a limited or confined area. Most Infrared security cameras are IP66 Indoor / Outdoor and water proof, so you can easily install them indoor or out door environment

If large area must be covered with IR technology it can be done by using IR illuminator which are basically large infrared flash light.

Home Security Camera

CCTV Camera and security DVR system technology is advancing at a blistering speed. So fast that by the time you purchase your new CCTV DVR, it’s probably already obsolete or out of date. A simple observation of home security and security camera will tell you security cameras are everywhere these days. Security camera and Security dvr solutions are one of the best options available to monitor your home or business operations and ensure safety. Security cameras provide you the ability to record and remotely monitor all the activity at your home and nearly everything they do. With the improvement of video technology and low cost of CCTV equipment, security camera are located in any time of business and place, from small store to corporate company and, if you look around, you will find them in every conceivable place.
Home Security camera Types
A security camera for homes comes in many different styles including dome camera, bullet and infrared camera. c-mount camera is more widely used in businesses and not home because of their size and esthetics . Each security camera serves a different purpose. finding the one best suited to your needs, you should consider several factors, such as whether you will use the security camera indoor or outdoor, during the day, night time, or both.
Bullet security cameras are the most popular home security camera nowadays. They can be used either indoor or outdoor. Bullet security cameras are available in B/W or color and they come with the mounting hardware.
Bullet security cameras body casings are weather-resistant and water proof, and do not require any Camera Housing.
Bullet camera comes with fix lens or Vari Focal lens that allows you to see facial features out to about 1 – 80 feet and offers a 70-90 degree angle of view. This is the widest angle one can have without distorting the picture.

Bullet security camera Resolution levels for B/W security cameras extend to about 420 lines, any higher and the benefits are minimal,in Bullet color cameras, higher resolution implies better picture.

Infrared security cameras are also very popular because they produce an image in little or no lighting conditions. Infared security cameras looks like the bullet style and can be used indoor or outdoor. These cameras have infrared leds installed around the outer edge of the lens, which allow these security camera to produce picture in no light for up to 300 feet and even further depend on the camera type, amount of led and strength of the infrared light. Each infrared camera will specify the effective distance of the infrared light.
A relatively new type of security camera is the day/night security camera. This particular type of camera has an extra sensitive imaging chip that allows it to capture a good picture in low light situations without using infrared LEDS. This is especially handy in outdoor applications since infrared security cameras do not work well outdoors. Unless the infrared security camera is installed all the way up to the glass of the housing, the infrared lights can reflect off the glass and subsequently degrade the image.
When you’re shopping for a security camera, you’ll find that there are lots of options available. You can call Security engineer at to get more information on your option and support.

Most crimes are not impulsive, criminals usually check an area before they strike. If they see a security camera outside your house or business, it can deter them from robbing your place.