Road & Highway Surveillance Car License Plate Reading Box Camera, 1/3 Sony Super HAD Color CCD, 540 TVL, 0.15Lux, Dual Voltage, Up to 90MPH

The DM-CO 2002LPH is an intelligent vehicle license plate
reading box camera featuring a built-in CAR-DC Iris Control
technology which allows the camera to achieve reliable car
license plate recognition for roads surveillance of a car speed
up to 90mph. With Sony HQ1 producing excellent images of
540 lines of resolution, it also has a low lux rating and Digital
Noise Reduction function built-in. This security camera auto
detect the voltage (12V DC/24V AC).

More Features

  • 1/3″ Sony Super HAD CCD
  • 540 TVL, 0.15 Lux
  • DSP: Sony HQ1
  • Automatic Day & Night Function
  • Dual Voltage 12VDC/24VAC
  • Built-in Intelligent Shutter (CAR-DC Iris Control) Capturing License Plate for Vehicle Speed up to 90mph
  • C or CS mount for lens

Heater Blower Outdoor w/ Housing, 1/4″ SONY Super HAD Exview CCD 470 TVL, 0LUX 84 Infrared LED’s up to 180ft

The DM-IR 25HOHB is a one of a kind solution designed to solve the problem of mounting an IR camera inside a housing. The DM-IR 25HOHB has a heater and blower to out stand severe weather, the IR LED’s are mounted at the front of the housing for clear illumination of up to 180 feet, and the camera offer crystal clear resolution of 470 TV lines, a 6.0-15.0 mm Vari-Focal Auto Iris Lens. This camera work on 24V AC.

Great for Winter and Summer weather conditions

Close Range License plate Capture camera, 8mm fixed lens, up to 5 MPH and 16.5 ft, 12 IR LED’s, bracket included

The DM-IR 85LPH is a close-range license plate capture security IR camera that provides high quality plate images in day or dark conditions. Powerfully effective and user friendly, the DM-IR 85LPH is ideal for meeting the surveillance needs of gated communities, gas stations, bars, drive-through locations, casinos and toll gates.

This IR security camera is working on 12V DC and the bracket (which features a hidden cable mount) is included.

It’s powerful features include the ability to capture the license plate of a car moving up to 5 MPH, and it’s 8.0 mm fixed lens allow the capture of plates with a distance of 16.5 ft.

Indoor/Outdoor Housing w/ Heater and Blower, Invisible Cable

The HO-619HB is a security camera housing made of durable, lightweight Polycarbonate. Its installer friendly design includes a patented quick mount bracket to effortlessly adjust a camera. It also offers a flip-up cover that opens 180 degrees for easy installation and accessibility. This housing accommodates small to large CCD zoom lens cameras. Its sleek modern design complements any surrounding. The blower for this model snaps right into place and includes an external filter panel to quickly replace. It comes equipped with Heater and Blower to protect the security camera from extreme weather.

132 High Illuminator LEDs, Auto Switch mode, 200 ft range

The Auto switch mode turn on the LED’s as soon as it turns dark. It is made of sturdy aluminum and come with a metal bracket, ideal for outdoor installations. It is powered by 12V 1200mA.

The DM-IL-50IH is the perfect solution for your IR illumination needs. This security IR Illuminator has a powerful 132 LED’s capable of illuminating up to 200 feet.

Also other features are:

  • 132 High Illumination LED’s
  • Auto Switch mode
  • Max Range: 200 ft.
  • Power Supply 12V, 1200mA
  • Weather Proof
  • Sun Shield
  • Aluminum Cylinder housing with metal bracket

Bullet Security Camera features

Bullet Security CameraOne of the most common security cameras these days is the bullet camera. These are usually smaller security camera than average camera. Their shaped like a finger and are made for use in outdoor and indoor environment. These security cameras are easy to install on any surface and because of their small shape they can be easily mount on a ceiling or wall surface. Because of their smaller casing they are used as spy camera or hidden camera, like nanny cam. Their elegant shape made these security cameras popular in home and small office environment. Bullet camera comes in several model, from black @ white to color, some of these cameras have infrared capability. This security camera around your house can become the first line of defense in preventing and reporting intruders to your home or business. Some of these security camera models are full water proof, therefore can be placed underwater, these security camera can be excellent for swimming pool safety and security devices.

Many factories uses bullet security camera inside machinery to monitor their operation, thanks for their durability and small size. All these features made bullet security camera to be very popular for home security camera systems, and many other business and government facilities.

You can find pictures and specifications for these security cameras by searching website. No matter what you’re using these security camera systems for, you’ll find they give you high picture quality and control over the safety of your family and personal property.

How to install security camera housing

This video will demonstrate step by step, how to install a security box camera inside camera housing, for outdoor CCTV installation. Camera housing is used when security camera need to be install in outdoor environment to protect it from all ranges of weather conditions.

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Infrared Security Camera

Infrared Secuirty CameraOne of the most growing trend among security cameras are the infrared security camera. This security camera has infrared LED installed around the outside of the lens of the camera. This lighting give the camera the ability to capture a clear image in no light at all 0 lux. This camera will produce an image even when its in total darkness. Most Infrared buys use infrared security cameras for businesses and home where the light conditions are poor. Most infrared cameras are water and weather proof makes them suitable to indoor or outdoor environment without a need for housing.
Infrared cameras are often called “Night Vision” cameras because their ability to see at night. However, do not confuse “Night Vision” with “Day / Night Cameras”. Day / Night cameras use different technology to produce image at low light and they do not have infrared lights built in.
Infrared security cameras will produce full color picture during day time, But When it gets dark, the camera will switch to infrared mode and illuminate it’s built-in infrared LEDs. In infrared mode the image is captured in black and white – this is true of all infrared cameras. The level of light required to capture a good picture is referred to as a camera’s lux, the lower the lux the better the camera can see in low light. .
Infrared cameras are also compared by how far they can see in total darkness. This is by the strength of the infrared light, and how far the light will reach and reflect back. Check our infrared cameras, some of our infrared camera can reach up to 300ft.