My ports are blocked and I have Static IP, still can’t see remotely…. What can I do?

My ports are blocked and I have Static IP, still can’t see remotely…. What can I do?
When you have an Static IP Address that was assigned by your ISP please follow the next steps to fix your problem.

1. Find out what are your Static IP Address Settings.

IP Address:

Subnet mask:

Default Gateway:

DNS 1 :

DNS2 :

2. Now go to the DVR NETWORK SETTINGS and put an Static IP Address in the settings.
To get to the DVR Network Settings please refer to your Users Manual.

3. Once you have put the IP address in to the DVR you may now try the DVR Software Client to connect to it remotely or if the DVR supports Web server you just need to type the IP address in the address bar of an Internet Explorer.

4. If the problem continues please Contact your ISP regarding the Opening of the necessary port that the DVR requires to do a remote view. See DVR manual to see what ports you will need to open.

5. It’s Recommended that you Enable the DMZ service or Server (depending or router ) in your router.

6. You are Done =)

Setup my Router for Security DVR Remote Access

Remote Access Secuirty DVRIf you are trying to setup your DSL router/Firewall for remote access to your Security DVR system, you need to open the port on your Router. You need to login to your router by opening Microsoft internet explorer and pointing it to your router local IP address (check your router documentation) after logging in to your router look for PORT FORWARDING Or PINHOLE in your router setting. In there you need to specify the port your remote security DVR is listening at. The port will be specifying in your DVR docs. The IP address you need to specify the local IP address of your DVR system (NOT YOUR DSL IP). After saving and restarting your router go to and specify the port you setup in your router. The result should show that the port is open. Repeat until you get positive result