LT-ECO-Energy Efficient, Full HD1080P, Platinum HD-TVI, 1/3" Sensor, 3.6mm Fixed Lens, 24 IR LEDs Up To 65ft (20m), OSD Menu Via UTC Technology With Platinum HD-TVI DVR, DC 12V
Cam-Numed-HD-TVI Infrared Outdoor Dome, 3.6mm Lens, 1080P Resolution, 24LEDs, 12V DC, Weatherproof  Dome Security Camera
Numed-HD-TVI Infrared Outdoors, 3.6mm Lens, 1080P Resolution, 30LEDs, 12V DC Weatherproof  Bullet Security Camera
Numed-HD-TVI Infrared Dome Camera, 2.8-12mm, Varifocal Lens 1080P Resolution 36LEDs 12V DC Weatherproof IR Dome Security Camera
Cam-1080P, 2.4MP, HD-TVI IR Motorized Vandal Dome, 2.8-12MM Lens, DC 12V
Cam-1080P Dome, 2.4MP HD-TVI, IP66 IR Motorized Vandal Dome, W/2.8-12MM Lens, 30IR & DC 12V
COP-TVI Smoke Detector Color Camera, 720P, 1/3" Aptna 0130 Sensor With Pinhole Lens, 3.7mm, DC 12V 150mA

CAM - HD-TVI 5MP Exterior IR Bullet Camera, 2.8MM Lens, IP67 Weatherproof, DWDR,
Cam-1080P HD-TVI, 2.4MP, Motorized Bullet W/2.8-12MM Lens, 42IR & DC 12V
LT - 2.1MP, 2.8mm Fixed Lens, 1920x1080@30fps, Starlight, True WDR 120db, IP67, 2 Matrix IR 2.0, UTC, Smart IR, DC 12V
LT - 2.1MP, 2.8mm Fixed lens, 1920x1080@30fps, Low Light, True WDR 120db, IP67, 2 Matrix IR 2.0, IK7, UTC, Smart IR, DC 12V
CAM - HD-TVI 5MP Exterior IR Dome Camera, 2.8MM Lens, IP67 Weatherproof, DWDR,
Numed-HD-TVI 4 Channel Hybrid H.264 TVI/Analog 1080p/960H Recording, Mobile Access, Holds 1HDD up to 4TB
Numed-HD-TVI Infrared Bullet, 2.8-12mm Varifocal Lens, 1080P Resolution, 42LEDs, 12V DC Bullet Security Camera
Cam-Turbo HD 1080P, 4 Channel DVR, Supports HD-TVI/AHD/& Analog, Supports 1 IP Camera up to 2MP
LT - 2.1MP, 2.8 - 12mm, 1920x1080@30fps, Starlight, True WDR 120db, IP67, 2 Matrix Ir, UTC, Auto Focus, DC 12V
KNY-1080P HD-TVI, 2.8-12MM, 18IR Bullet Dual Camera, HD TVI & Analog, 1000 TVL, Dual Voltage 24V/12V
12VDC / 24V AC(±10%)
12VDC / 24V AC(±10%)
Cam-4CH Quabrid 5MP DVR, Supports TVI, CVI, AHD, Analog & IP Camera, 4CH Audio
Cam-HD-TVI, 8 Channel, 1080P Hybrid HD-TVI/720-AHD/Analog/IP Cameras, H.264 Dual Stream Video Compression
Numed-HD-TVI, 8 Channel Hybrid H.264, TVI/Analog 1080p/960H Recording, Mobile Access, Holds 1 HDD up to 4TB
Cam-HD-TVI, 16 Channel, 1080P Hybrid HD-TVI/720-AHD/Analog/IP Cameras, H.264 Dual Stream Video Compression
Numed-16ch Quabrid DVR, TVI/AHD/IP/960H Recording, 2 HDD Slots, Mac Ready
Cam-16ch HD-TVI Hybrid DVR, 1080P@ 30fps/ch, HDMI/VGA/BNC Output, 4CH audio in, 16/4 alarm I/O, 1.5U, 4HDD Bay, 2CH IP
Cam-32ch HD-TVI Hybrid DVR, 8 IP 4ch audio-in, 16/4 alarm I/O, 1.5U, 4 HDD Bay, rack mountable
Numed-32 Channel Tribrid H.264 Real Time AHD/TVI/Analog HD Recording, 16CH Audio, HDMI, Remote view, Smart Phone Compatible Security DVR System

HD-TVI cameras - new technology for analog HD solution
Even though we enter into digital era, analog surveillance technology doesn't stop its innovation. Besides the HD-SDI and HD-CVI, htere is HD-TVI. HD-TVI means High Definition Transport Video Interface,  HD-TVI is based on traditional coaxial cable for video and data transmission, it supports not only 720P/1080P video signal, but also including audio, data signal over long distance up to 500 meters.

Background study
At present, there are approximate 100 million coaxial cables deployed for analog camera connection. In the next 3-5 years, they will be replaced with high definition camera. However, some users start to worry they have to rewire, re-install or add new network devices for upgrading. This group of users prefer the economical and easy solution to upgrade existing system to HD, rather than adopting the IP camera. In this context, the HD-SDI and HD-TVI technologies were born.

HD-TVI advantages
Among current HD solutions, the distance of transmission, compatibility and cost are always problems for both manufacturers and users. In this context, HD-TVI technology as a brand new analog HD solution emerges in market. Overall, the HD-TVI technology can provide a more economical, easier to install and use solution for high definition analog surveillance system.

The HD-TVI can convert digital signal to analog signal for expanding its transmission distance, lower total cost, reducing total video storage space. Through coaxial cable, the video transmission distance can reach up to  300~500 meters without obvious video quality loss.  In additional, the HD-TVI can transmit CVBS 75Ohm analog video signal with resolution of 720P and 1080P at 30fps, which are difficult tasks to adopt other HD coaxial solutions. Merely replacing the existing analog camera and DVR with latest HD-TVI camera and DVR, users can upgrade their surveillance system to a brand new 1080P HD system, this doesn't require extra installation knowledge and cost.

  • Analog HD high video quality 720P/1080P resolution
  • Transmit video and audio signal, and data signal over coaxial cable
  • No quality loss and delay for HD video transmission
  • Impressive long distance transmission capability
  • Easy to upgrade your existing analog system to HD system

HD-TVI vs Analog

HD-TVI vs Analo

In summary, the advantage of HD-TVI compared with Analogue is:

  • HD resolution on 720P/1080P at 25/30fps
  • Long distance transmission for HD video
  • No video quality loss and delay for transmission



Obviously, HD-TVI and HD-CVI have very similar features, both of them can provide analog high definition solutions. HD-TVI derives from American based company that does not supply to only one manufacturer. Therefore we are expecting many analog camera manufacturers will release wide range of HD-TVI based cameras to market. Therefore, HD-TVI is more likely to become an industry standard, not a proprietary technology/solution.



In conclusion, compared with HD-SDI, new HD solution with advantages of:

Longer video transmission distance up to 1000ft (300m) over regular coaxial cable
700ft (200m) distance for video transmission over UTP (Cat5, twisted cable)
More cheaper price for analog HD system
Support twisted cable installation

HD-TVI vs IP Camera

HD-TVI vs IP Camera

Hence, compared with IPC, the advantages of HD-TVI are

  • No network bandwidth requirement/influence
  • No network configuration, as easy as analog system
  • No video quality loss and compression
  • No video latency issue, real time live-view
  • Long video transmission distance
  • More affordable price for camera and video storage devices





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