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  2. View Media 100 player 1x HDMI Ports, 1 x DVI, Up to 16GB Memory, Linux/Windows compatible
    Default OS: Win 7 Embedded / 2GB RAM



    Price:  $850.00


    • Two HDMI ports for quick and easy connection
    • Linux capability
    • Delivery of stunning visuals (video and images)
    • Mini form factor
    • Lightweight (2 pounds)
    • Up to 16GB memory
    • Saas Players Require a Monthly Subscription Fee
The View Media 100 digital signage player requires a SaaS (Software as a Service) or a Digital Signage Server in order to run a digital signage network. SaaS is hosted on a cloud, allowing for you to access your digital signage network via the Internet. SaaS allows for centralized management from one location. A Digital Signage Server, however, is both a hardware and software solution with the same management functions as SaaS. Servers are crucial for corporations that rely on security and carry sensitive information. In addition, using a server is ideal if Internet connection and downloads are internal and communication is local via an on-premise based solution.

The View Media 100 is one of our most stable and secure digital signage player. It consists of professional innovations such as energy efficient technologies and three flexible form factors designed to fit your specific digital signage needs. With its revolutionary new architecture and power that will redefine media playing, the View Media digital signage player helps you accomplish more with every minute of your time and every dollar of your investment.

The latest technology and the performance you expect from a leading commercial PC featuring an Intel i3 CPU with a 3.xGHz processor.

Superior manageability features:
Combining technologies from 4DigitalSignage, Remote Access, and Intel, the View Media provides digital signage managers a full range of remote management capabilities which lower maintenance costs and protects digital signage assets.

HDTV Technology:

The View Media 100 also has the ability to provide high-definition technology. By request, the View Media 100 can be fitted with an AVerMedia capture card and include an HDMI and AV composite port. This feature will enable your digital signage player to display high-definition television for your viewers.

Note: The View Media 100 will not provide high-definition technology unless it's requested by the customer.

Operating System Support: Windows 7 Embedded and Windows 7 Professional Supports Windows Network, including Active Directory or any Windows Network Environment, such as VPN, VLAN, etc. Windows Native .NET application All communication between our application and the server is done over Port 80. All other ports can be blocked. Anti-virus can be installed on a player machine, however, anti-virus can affect player's performance while it's running.

* All specifications and photos are subject to change without notice.


Pre-Loaded With UCView Software
Color Black
Construction Aluminum
Processor family 3.4GHz Intel Core i3-4130
Operating system Windows 7 POS Embedded or Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
Oprional Windows 7 Pro Edition
Installed 2GB SoDimm DDR3
Capacity 16GB SoDimm DDR3
Video Output
Video OutPut Connectors 1 x HDMI, 1 x DisplayPorts
Front: 2-3.0 USB, 2-2.0 USB, 3.5mm Microphone Input, 3.5mm Audio Output
Rear: 4-2.0 USB, 2-COM ports, 3.5mm Microphone Input, 3.5mm Audio Output
USB Ports
Front:  1 2.0  USB
Rear:  2 2.0  USB
Ethernet Port 2 X 10/100/1000 Integrated LAN
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n up to 300 Mbps
Hard Drive 60GB Solid State Drive
Other Info
Dimensions Form Factor (Size) 6 ½ x 7 ½ x 1 ¾ Inches
Microsoft Windows Media WMV
MPG Family MPG
H.264/AVC H-264
Quick Time
DIVX H-264
Flash Macromedia Flash FLV
MPEG layer MPEG 1
Microsoft PowerPoint PPT
Adobe Flash SWF
Web Pages HTML
Dynamic Pages
Acrobat PDF PDF
JPEG Images jpg
GIF Images gif
BITMAP Images bmp
MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 MP3
Windows Media Audio WMA
Audio for Windows, wav




I have purchased a few systems through DVR Master. Each time I have made a transactions, had a warranty issue or just a general question, I have been extremely satisfied with the results. Service is prompt and prices are extremely competitive. In dealing with Leah (my contact for the company) she never disappoints and has always gone above and beyond to make sure we get the five star service experience. 10/10 I highly recommend!
A.J. Taylor
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I have been using DVR Master and service for the last 8 years. That's because I can always count on the DVR Master team for the best products, best pricing and superior customer Service time and time again. They go out of their way to make sure I am always a satisfied customer. Leah is our rep and she goes out of her way to support us. I highly recommend DVR Master.
Doug Reeder
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Kudos for Jessica. I just wanted to take a moment and express my heartfelt thanks for your knowledge of your product line, your skills in navigating your systems, your responsiveness both online and on the phone and your excellent customer service attitude. It is people like you that engender long term customer relationships that are foundational to any organization's success over the long term.
Bradley Young
Charleston, WV
I want to say thank you for the excellent tech support from DVR Master and much thanks to Jessica for helping us get the tech support that we needed for remote access. We also want to thank the management and tech support team for a job well done and great customer support. We look forward to doing more business with your company.
IT Director
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Leah and the tech support team are Knowledgeable and helpful in advising on and supporting their products. Thanks.
Junaid Ali
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