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  2. HD-CVI Tribird 16Channel H.264 1080P Display & 1080P Recording @15fps 4CH Audio Remote view  Smart Phone Compatible Security DVR System



    Price:  $879.89


    • Tribrid: Each channel supports HDCVI/Analog/IP Video input
    • HDMI/VGA/TV simultaneous video output
    • 1 x HDMI Separate Output
    • AII channel Max 1080P
    • Up to 1080p realtime live view
    • 264 dual-stream video compression
    • 4/8 channel synchronous realtime playback
    • GRID interface & smart search
    • 3D intelligent positioning with PTZ camera
    • Support 4 SATA HDDs up to 16TB, 1eSATA up to 16TB, 3 USB 2.0
    • Multiple network monitoring: Web viewer, CMS(DSS/PSS) & DMSS
    • Hard Drive NOT included ( Click on Available Option to add HDD )
    • Mobile Apps: Android - GDMSS & IOS - IDMSS
What is HD-CVI
HD-CVI stands for High Definition Composite Video Interface. This is a brand new technology in the security camera industry that provides a different method of transmitting video signals over coaxial cables. Until this new technology surfaced, analog CCTV video was limited to 960h video resolution. 960h resolution refers to the 30% increase in horizontal resolution, so the maximum analog resolution up to this point was 960 x 480 pixels. This has been the accepted limit to analog video transmission for many years. In order to achieve greater transmission would mean switching to digital video using either HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface) or Network IP video formats.

Enter HD-CVI, a true alternative to Network IP solutions. HD-CVI uses a licensed video transmitter and receiver that is able to transmit up to 1080p video resolution (1920 x 1080) in an uncompressed format over the same standard coaxial cable that is used for standard CCTV cameras. This uncompressed video format is able to transmit over longer distances than either HD-SDI or Network IP cameras and without the latency and bandwidth issues that are so common. Additionally, HD-CVI is able to transmit video, audio and control (OSD or PTZ) over a single coaxial cable instead of requiring separate cables for each transmission.

What is really separating this technology from the rest of the options for video transmission is the cost effectiveness of HD-CVI. In most cases HD-CVI is around the same price as the older analog CCTV technology and is far less expensive than HD-SDI or IP Network transmission.

When comparing HD-CVI to Analog CCTV cameras:

  • CCTV cameras are limited to 960h resolution which is 960 x 480 pixels. HD-CVI cameras can transmit up to 1080p resolution (2 Megapixel) which is 1920 x 1080 pixels. HD-CVI is capable of up to 450% great resolution and detail than standard CCTV cameras and DVRs.
  • CCTV can only transmit video over the single coaxial cable. Audio and control must be run over separate cables. HD-CVI can transmit video, audio and control over a single cable saving money and time.
  • The price point of analog CCTV and HD-CVI is about the same. You get more resolution for the money with HD-CVI.

Requirements for an HD CVI security camera system:

When planning the installation of a HD CVI surveillance system, make sure to consider all the parts that will be needed.

You will need to select your cable infrastructure:

  • The best choice for HD CVI video transmission is high quality RG6 or RG59. Most professional security system installers will chose Siamese cable since that will include both RG59 for video, audio and control transmission and 18 gauge power wire for power transmission in a single run. We have tested both copper core coax cable and CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) Coax cable and both have performed well.
  • You can use CAT5 or CAT6 cable with the same video baluns you use for analog CCTV cameras. This infrastructure does perform well, but the quality of the video is slightly degraded. It is still a dramatic increase in resolution over the analog CCTV camera resolution. Most people will never notice the difference in video quality. We estimate the degradation in quality to be around 5-10%.
  • We have tested prefabricate plug and play cables. Again, the resolution is excellent, but the video quality is also slightly degraded. There is around the same 5-10% degradation, again barely noticeable to most people.

You will need to select your connectors:

  • The most popular connectors are BNC Twist on connectors because no tools are necessary. These will work fine.
  • BNC compression connectors is what most professional CCTV installers will use for the cable connection. This is also what we recommend.
  • BNC Crimp Ons are also popular and will perform very well.

Select your power source:
  • HD CVI can be powered the same way as analog CCTV cameras. Most HD CVI cameras will require either 12V DC or 24V AC power. You can choose from various power distribution boxes or easy plug in power transformers.
  • Select your recording DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
  • You will not be able to use your existing DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with the HD CVI cameras. Like HD-SDI and Network IP camera systems you will need to select an HD CVI DVR in order to be able to record your HD CVI cameras. We offer a wide range of HD-CVI DVRs and in most cases, the HD CVI DVRs are the same price of even less expensive than their equal standard CCTV DVR or NVR and they are less expensive than most HD SDI DVRs.

If you would like more information on this new and exciting technology, contact us at or call us at 888-925-3235


Model  7816S
Main Processor Embedded processor
Operating System Embedded LINUX
Input  16  channel


HDCVI 1080P/720P HDCVICamera
Analog NTSC(525Line, 60f/s), PAL(625Line, SOf/s),Effio 960H Camera
IP 1080P/720P/D1/CIF IP Camera
Input 4 channel, BNC
Output 1channel, BNC
Two-way Talk 1channel input,lchannel output, BNC
Interface 2 HDMI, 1VGA, 1TV
Resolution 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 1024, 1280 x 720, 1024 x 768
Display Split 1/4/8/9/16
Privacy Masking 4 rectangular zones (each camera)
OSD Camera title, Time, Video loss, Camera lock, Motion  detection, Recording


Record Resolution 1080P(1920 x 1080)/720P(1280 x 720)/960H(960x 576/960×480)/D1/4CIF(

704×576!704×480) I CIF(352 x 288/352×240) I QCIF(176×144/176×120)







Bit Rate 48~6144Kb/s
Recording Mode Manual, Schedule(Regular(Continuous), MD, Alarm), Stop
Recording Interval 120 min (default: 60 min), Pre-record: 30 sec, Post-record: 10 300


Video Detection & Alarm
Trigger Events Recording, PTZ, Tour, Alarm, Video Push,  Email, FTP, Spot, Buzzer &

Screen tips

Motion  Detection Motion Detection, MD Zones: 396(22×18), Video Loss & Camera Blank
Alarm Input 16 channel
Relay Output 6 channel
Playback & Backup
Sync Playback  1/4/8/16
Searc h Mode Time/Date, Alarm, MD & Exact searc h (accurate to second), Smart search


Playback Functions Play,Pause,Stop,Rewind,Fast play,Slow play,Next file,Previous file,Next camera,Previous camera,Full screen,Repeat Shuffle, Backup selection,

Digital zoom

Backup Mode USB Device/eSATA Device/lnternal SATA bumer/Network
Ethernet 2RJ-45 port (10/lOOM/lOOOM)
Network Functions HTTP, lPv4/[Pv6, TCP/lP, UPNP, RTSP, UDP, SMTP, NTP, DHCP, DNS, PPPOE,

DDNS,FTP, lP Filter,Alarm Server

Max. User Access 128 users
Smart Phone iPhone,iPad,Android,Windows Phone
lnternal HDD 4 SATA ports,up to 16TB
External HDD 1eSATA port up to 16TB
Auxiliary Interface
USB 3 ports(2 Rear), USB2.0
RS232 1port For PC communication & Keyboard
RS485 1port RS485 for PTZ control,p! ort RS422 for Keyboard
Power Supply AC 100 240 V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 40W(without HDD)


-10°C+ 55°C/10%90%RH/86106kpa
Dimension(WxDxH) 2U,440mmx460mmx89mm
Weight 6.5KG(without HDD)




I have purchased a few systems through DVR Master. Each time I have made a transactions, had a warranty issue or just a general question, I have been extremely satisfied with the results. Service is prompt and prices are extremely competitive. In dealing with Leah (my contact for the company) she never disappoints and has always gone above and beyond to make sure we get the five star service experience. 10/10 I highly recommend!
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