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  2. RCA Female to BNC Male connector



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    RCA Female to BNC Male Connector

CCTV and Security DVR system consists of many components and each one of them is critical to the quality of the video picture. Many Security camera installers specify very specific criteria for the security cameras and security DVR type they are using; however, when it comes to the transmission media, very few of them know the and understand the subject.

Selecting the correct cable/ media for security camera application (CCTV) is one of the most important aspects of designing and implementing a quality security DVR system and yet it is the least understood subject. You can purchase the highest quality security camera or DVR, but if the video signal is not transmitted by the proper media/ cable, the result will affect the entire solution. Most of the common video signal problems with picture quality can be fixed by selecting the proper cable in advance and following proper installation techniques and procedures.

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