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  2. Cat-5 to RG59 (Coax) Converter with Power Transmission, up to 300 feet.



    Price:  $9.99


    • Receive and transmit video and power signals over UTP wire (CAT5)
    • Maximum range : 300ft
    • Built-in transient protection design
    • Enable cost-effective, point to point transmission appliance
    • Easy Installation
Video baluns, also known as CAT5 baluns, enable security installers to use CAT5 cable to run video (and optionally power) for CCTV cameras.  A video balun is placed on both ends of the CAT5 cable run and uses one of the the twisted pairs from the CAT5 cable to transmit the video from the camera to a DVR or monitor.  There are also multi-camera baluns that can use the four twisted pairs in CAT5 to transmit the video for up to four cameras.   Most security camera installers are familiar with using RG59 Siamese coax cable for CCTV, as this is the industry standard cable and allows installers to run both the video from the camera and power to the camera using a single cable run.   There are versions of video baluns that also support running power to CCTV cameras in addition to the video.  These are some of the most common reasons that a security installer would choose to use CAT-5 cable instead of RG59 for a CCTV application.

  • The location of the installation already has CAT5 cable pre-run and the installer wants to use it.
  • The distance of the cable run exceeds 700 feet (the maximum distance supported by RG59 without a video amplifier)
  • CAT5 cable typically costs less than RG59 Siamese

Passive Video Baluns

Passive video baluns are not powered and support cable distances up to 1200 feet.  These baluns use only one of the twisted pairs in the Cat5 cable.  The CAT5 is attached to the baluns