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  2. GeoVision 4 Channel PC Based Security DVR System 30FPS Display & Recording 1CH Audio DVD-RW, 2GB Ram Windows 8 32/64 bit Compatible.


    DM-GVD 430-B

    Price:  $765.00

    Available Options:


    • Software:Windows 8 Home Premium
    • Case: Tower Cooler Master HAF Case
    • CPU: Celeron 2.6 GHz 2M LGA1155
    • Video: 512 PCI Express Card
    • Ram: 2GB DDR3 1024MHz
    • HDMI: HDMI-DVI Connectors
    • Ethernet: RJ-45,10/100/1000Mbps Lan Interface
    • Backup: DVD-RW & USB 2.0
    • Power: 600 WATTS
    • PTZ Control: via RS232 Port
    • Capture Card: GEOVISION 600B/4
    • Compression: MPEG4 CODEC
    • Video Input: 4 Channels
    • Audio Input: 1 Channels
    • Display Frame Rate: 30FPS
    • Recording Frame Rate: 30FPS
    • Resolution: 720×480/720×240/360×240
    • Hard Drive NOT included ( Click on Available Option to add HDD )
DVRMaster's DM-GVD 430-B System is a PC based CCTV security DVR, multi-channel video surveillance system that utilizes the most advanced digital video compression technologies to bring you the highest picture quality and video performance. Up to 4 DVR CCTV Security cameras can be connected and viewed live on a local monitor screen or through network / Internet. Video can be recorded based on specifiable schedules or motion detection.

The heart of the DM-GVD 430-B is a Geovision Pro-Grade Security DVR board offering the best quality. It supports up to 4 video channels with a crystal clear high-res picture quality and a maximum 30 frames per second and 1 channel of audio. The high compression MPEG4 and H.264 CODEC provides more recording time with same size hard disk drive. The built-in video motion detector logic helps the DVR system from storing unnecessary video.

The package Include the latest Geovision Surveillance Software! This powerful software has all the features the pros require, yet it's simple enough for anyone to install and use. Geovision's GV-Series is a PC based security surveillance system designed to process video, audio and data from local and remote network surveillance environment. With more special features and more integration versatility provided, the GV-Series Surveillance System delivers more powerful and streamlined surveillance operation performance as well as enhanced management efficiency. In addition it offers advantages that convert into low cost of installation and unlimited connectivity options. With video, audio, data, and I/O devices combined all into one system and through uniform software platform interface, each of these solutions provides a full list of features and functionalities that can quickly fulfill various clients’ particular security surveillance requirements.

By connecting the security DVR to the Internet, you are able to view live or archived videos from a remote location. The GV-Surveillance system is designed especially for remote monitoring and remote configuration. The GV-Surveillance host system can be accessed from remote security surveillance systems or users at a remote location. Monitoring, recording, search and playback can all be implemented over TCP/IP or the Internet. Users can remotely access video and audio via IE browser, 3G mobile phone, Smart Phone, PDA or the GV remote monitoring software. With the powerful remote monitoring functions, video surveillance can be implemented without limitations of time and distance.

Our security DVR systems come equipped with all of the features you need for professional security surveillance DVR System. These CCTV DVR camera systems display a clear, high quality sharp image and are perfectly scalable to meet your expanding number of security CCTV cameras. Best of all, our system comes pre configured ready to go and are easy-to-use and provide flawless recording capabilities.


CPU Celeron 2.6 GHz 2M LGA1155
Hard Drive SATA
Optical Drive DVD-RW
Ethernet RJ-45, 10/100/1000
Keyboard/Mouse Included
Sound Card On Board
VGA 512 DDR2 PCI Express
Input Type BNC X 4
Video Input(s) 4 Channel
Audio Input(s) 1 Channel
Recording Rate 30 fps (w/ 320 X 240 Resolution)
Display Rate 30 fps (NTSC), 25 fps (PAL)
Video Resolution NTSC/PAL Full D1, Half D1, CIF
Compression Format Geo MPEG4, Geo MPEG4 (ASP), Geo H264, Geo H264 V2
GV-DSP Support Yes
GV-A16 Support Yes
GV-NET Card Support Yes
GV-NET/IO Card Support Yes

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I have purchased a few systems through DVR Master. Each time I have made a transactions, had a warranty issue or just a general question, I have been extremely satisfied with the results. Service is prompt and prices are extremely competitive. In dealing with Leah (my contact for the company) she never disappoints and has always gone above and beyond to make sure we get the five star service experience. 10/10 I highly recommend!
A.J. Taylor
General Manager
Galaxy Tulare 10,Tulare, CA
I have been using DVR Master and service for the last 8 years. That's because I can always count on the DVR Master team for the best products, best pricing and superior customer Service time and time again. They go out of their way to make sure I am always a satisfied customer. Leah is our rep and she goes out of her way to support us. I highly recommend DVR Master.
Doug Reeder
Ore-Com Telecommunications, LLC, Portland, OR
Kudos for Jessica. I just wanted to take a moment and express my heartfelt thanks for your knowledge of your product line, your skills in navigating your systems, your responsiveness both online and on the phone and your excellent customer service attitude. It is people like you that engender long term customer relationships that are foundational to any organization's success over the long term.
Bradley Young
Charleston, WV
I want to say thank you for the excellent tech support from DVR Master and much thanks to Jessica for helping us get the tech support that we needed for remote access. We also want to thank the management and tech support team for a job well done and great customer support. We look forward to doing more business with your company.
IT Director
Orangeburg, SC
Leah and the tech support team are Knowledgeable and helpful in advising on and supporting their products. Thanks.
Junaid Ali
Collabotive Inc., Plano, TX